Confidence is not a very easy thing especially if you are considered a minority. It is very common to find gays being called the minority and it is difficult to stop thinking of you as a minor person compared to others. Such titles have affected many people who start considering themselves inferior and unworthy. Such thoughts accompany the person even when gay dating since he considers himself a lesser person. It is very important for you to be confident in the relationship you are having if it is to survive the hurdles that will be coming your way.

Stop repeating that you are inferior

Many people hate pity parties, especially people you are in a relationship with. Unfortunately for you, not every gay person considers he is inferior just because others think so. Some of them are very confident in the people they are that it is difficult to bring them down. It can be quite frustrating when gay dating and you find that the person you are with does not feel any less of a person yet you are overwhelmed with feelings of inferiority. It is time you stopped feeling this way otherwise your relationship is doomed.

Do not take offense

There will always be people who are against gay dating. That is their opinion and it should not define you. As long as they are not feeding, clothing or even sharing your bed, it should not matter what they think. They are entitled to their opinion and you should be entitled to yours. Once they see that what they say or doing does not deter you from being happy, they may even change their mindset and start envying the relationship you have.

Stop being your own critic

It is time you stopped wishing you were born different or that you were like someone else. We are all different ad this may be the reason why you partner was attracted to you. You may ruin the relationship when you start being someone you think you ought to be. It is time you started seeing yourself through the eyes of your partner if you want your gay dating experience to be fun and exciting for the both of you.

Know your strengths

We are all gifted differently. There is something about you that is admired by others. Concentrate on those and maybe people will even start forgetting about your gay relationship if it bothers them so much.