Support For Foot ball in China

David Beckham is the former English Foot baller. He is the star member of the team. He has fan clubs all over the world. He played in all the best clubs and teams in the world. He was born on 2 nd May, 1975 in England. He represented his nation for the world cup foot ball. His first debut in the national level games in 1992 and started playing for the best teams of the world. He won the Premier league six times and FA cup for two times. There are several honors were given to him for his skills in foot ball. He was the captain for six years for the English team for the international foot ball. He won the runner up in many of the best foot ballers’ title in FIFA. He is named as one of the best foot baller of the world. He is one f the blessed man with the very good family and a peaceful life. He is married to Victoria and the couple’s wealth is estimated at least nearly 125 million Euros. His interest in the game makes the hero of England for a very long time.

He and his wife is always supported the charity work. He supported the UNICEF and Elton John AIDS foundation since 2004 in Manchester. He encouraged the cancer patients and gave financial support for their treatment. Victoria Beckham is popular in her musical world and helped Beckham for his charity works. Outside their profession they made a united front to help the needy people.

Talents Of younger Generation

He always hit the headlines due to his star value. His shirtless advertisements are very famous among women. He showed very much interest in his game. He is a professional and wants to nurture his skills by transferring to the kids. In February he officially announced that he would fund the Miami Soccer team very soon. He bought the Miami team and expects the team will play their soccer from 2016 or 2017. He is going to fund for the Stadium for Foot ball and help to build a foot ball academy for the kids. People in Miami are so exhilarated about this news. They think the talents of their young generation deserve this. This contract is part of the contract signed by him in 2007 for Los Angeles galaxy. He bought the team for 25 Million Euros.

Recently he went to China for a Charity work and was very much impressed with the people of China. He announced very recently that the charity fund will be donated to the youth foot ball team in China. He felt he is obliged to do this for the young talents. The fund is donated based on the similar donation by David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham. Together with Victoria, they are always on the headlines of the fashion magazine, fitness specialist and other countless specialists. They made the best team of the year even after the rough times during their marriage which is really a much interesting one.