What is their need?

With the advancement of technology nothing is impossible in today’s time. Adding more and more ease and comfort to human life has always been the lead goal of the leading technological researchers. Smart Wearable Technology is a leading example of this which has integrated the concepts of augmented reality, neural networking, wireless communication, machine learning and Internet of Things to create various wearable hi-tech devices that act as the regular activity tracker for both individual as well as commercial uses. Such technology ensures optimal data transfer with least human interference and the article discusses in detail about the technicalities of such technology.

The primary divisions

Out of the numerous technology available out there, the smart wearable technology is divided into two major categories on the basis of their level of application, namely: –

  • Personal technology used by individual members as their regular activity tracker to evaluate and monitor their daily chores and have effective data transfer for the accurate results
  • Commercial technology used by organisations to monitor the various defining parameters of their company and aid in more and more customer-centric services and improvised products for their regular clients

The uses

Apart from being a general activity tracker such technology is also used for purposes like: –

  • To have a redefined style and have a new fashion statement
  • As a sports tracker to monitor the performance during nets and practice sessions of various sports
  • As tools for health issue management like dealing with stress and sleep disorders
  • To measure the energy spent in doing the regular chores
  • As an aid for specially abled persons to help them in leading a normal life
  • To improve the levels of communication and have an effective data transfer

The major devices

Some of the famous wearable technology devices include the following: –

  • Smart cameras- Using extensively the theory of machine vision, smart cameras or intelligent cameras not only capture images but also provide application-specific information about each clicked image that is further used in smart decision technology. These have a wide range of industrial applications starting from quality assurance, code verification, biometric recognition to name some.
  • Smart watches- These are the touch type mini computers used as wrist watches to be used for applications like fitness tracking, connectivity to other electronics devices, calorie monitoring etc.
  • Activity trackers- Also known as fitness tracker, this technology acts as fitness metrics to evaluate and monitor the performance in various fitness related activities like running, jogging etc. They use computer vision to have a long term data tracking that can be easily accessed by laptops or smartphones.