Birthstone Jewelry and Outfit for Both Baby and Mommy

You’re a gem

Birthstones have been around for more than two centuries and a lot of people believe that these stones are a reflection of our personalities and character from the month that we were born in. These birthstones are not mere stones; rather they are also expensive and beautiful looking gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds just to name a few. In some aspect, women wear their birthstones as jewelry, like how those born in the month of April are known to wear diamond because it is their birthstone. For women, birthstones are personal fashion statements.

Some awesome birthstone jewelry pieces for mommies-to-be and babies?

Birthstone nameplates

These are simply nameplates, except they have your birthstone in them. The bases of the nameplates are high-grade metal while some are metal-plated. Women love to inscribe their initials into jewelry, and these nameplates are perfect for any outfit. Nameplates are customized because they would contain your name, but there are already premade ones in the market; there is no guarantee that the gem used in the nameplate is your birthstone. Birthstone nameplates are also perfect baptismal gifts for babies.

Different kinds of jewelry and the perfect outfit match

It’s kind of difficult to match birthstones to your current line of maternity wear because of their distinct color. If you want to mix and match your clothes with your birthstone jewelry, here are a few tips:

1.)    Keep it casual.

For casual maternity wear or clothes like jeans and blouses, you can use small jewelry pieces like earrings and rings. The size of the birthstone won’t clash with your current wear or make you look like an overdressed mannequin.

2.)    Use matching colors.

Birthstones stand out because of their colors, like how rubies are bright or dark red and emeralds come in different shades of green. When you’re wearing brightly colored pieces, the color of your clothes should be darker and vice versa. The purpose of wearing complete opposites is to let the birthstone stand out without too much effort.

3.)    Use different jewelry

There are different kinds of birthstone jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and rings. Wear the jewelry piece that would meet your fashion needs. If you’re planning on getting them for your little one, go for earrings or bracelets, as they are the most common jewelry pieces for infants. Rings are slightly dangerous because they might end up eating them.

4.)    When dressing up your little one, be sure to follow rule #2.

Your little one shouldn’t be left out when it comes to wearing birthstone jewelry pieces. Match mommy’s and baby’s entire ensemble with matching jewelry pieces.

Birthstone jewelry pieces are awesome and beautiful and can be bought in your nearest palm springs jeweler. They are easy to purchase and find in your local jewelry stores too.