Protecting Your Art On The Road

Artists and collectors alike often travel long distances to exhibit their work or purchase new pieces. Whether your an artist yourself or a collector, it’s important to protect your pieces from damages if an accident were to occur.

Insurance Coverage For Expensive Property

In addition to auto insurance, those who transport art can obtain special article coverage for select items. This type
of insurance extends beyond traditional insurance plans to cover items that are essentially irreplaceable or personally valuable.

Insurance companies such as specialize in offering home, auto and personal property coverage plans. These plans can be customized to suit virtually anyone’s insurance needs.

Damages During Transportation Are Quite Common

Even with proper packing and transport storage, the risk of damages to art pieces is substantial during long distance
travel. In addition to the risk of damage from bumps and movement, some paintings are sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature.

Because the potential for art being damaged is so high, insuring your works of art can be beneficial and provide the security needed to travel with peace of mind. If you’re a collector, a newly purchased piece could become damaged and leave you without anything to show for your money. If you’re a painter or sculptor, your pieces could be damaged before making their way to a special exhibit or buyer.

While you may not be able to replace an original work of art, insurance coverage will protect their determined monetary value if the worst should happen. This type of insurance is ideal for covering pieces of art or any special property that could be damaged during travel.

No matter what your valued possessions may be, protecting them
from damages during transportation or travel is a must. Thankfully, special article insurance can be applied to any personal property the owner wishes to protect. By insuring this property before a road trip, both your automobile and irreplaceable art will be covered from the start to finish of all your long distance travels.