Free Art Exhibits Offered Year Round at GSA

The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) is an internationally acclaimed school for art and architecture. The students at GSA have the potential to create great works of art, and the public can witness these future stars in action. The GSA offers free exhibits year round and is a great opportunity for locals and tourists.

GSA offers exhibit, speakers, performances and more as part of an art outreach program. This allows the public to learn more about art and view work from promising students and alumni. Each exhibit aims to incorporate content that is relevant to the modern world or the GSA. This allows everyone to learn and enjoy art simultaneously. This makes the exhibits great resources for tour groups, families and other travelers because they will become more educated about Glasgow and the GSA.

Prospective students can attend an exhibit to see what work is being created by current students. These exhibits will be a treat for anyone who enjoys art and can help students decide if the school is right for them. Many schools provide campus tours, but these exhibits also give students a chance to learn from and talk to real students and witness the GSA in action.