Glasgow School of Art Provides World Class Design Education

Getting a great design education in one of Europe’s leading schools would be an enriching experience for anyone. The Glasgow School of Arts provides world class design education and is located in Scotland’s largest city. Since being founded in 1845, the school has had a vision of providing world class education and research in fine arts, architecture, and design that significantly makes social, economic, and cultural contributions.

Glasgow is a city full of cultural heritage you can explore while getting your design education. This wonderful city will show you beautiful Victorian architecture as you walk the streets of this artistic and creative city. You can visit the museums including one of the best museum collections and metropolitan art galleries in the UK. There are also the many other cultural venues to visit including the Glasgow Film Theatre.

Studying in a city rich in culture and art gives you places to visit and enjoy art and design when you are not in class. The Glasgow School of Arts is located in the heart of this beautiful city making it easy for students to navigate the city. You will be able to walk and see all the amazing sites of the city.